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Friday, 16 April 2010
Carbon-Free Britain planned by Center for Alternative Technology (CAT)
Topic: news selected by DM
Eco-Centre Sets Sights On Carbon-Free Britain:
BBC version: - (12-Apr-2010),
- is:
v-=# Britain: 100 percent CO2 emissions cut by 2030, says CAT Wales #=-v

In a remote, rain-soaked former quarry in Wales, environmentalists are putting the finishing touches to a plan to tackle climate change by weaning Britain off fossil fuels within 20 years.
"energy strategy to be launched in June 2010":

The Center for Alternative Technology (CAT), a sprawling eco-complex set up during the 1974 oil crisis, will publish proposals in June to eliminate emissions from oil, gas and coal.

While Britain was the first country to set legally-binding targets to cut emissions, by 80 percent from 1990 levels by 2050, CAT's strategy goes further.

"We are saying 100 percent by 2030," CAT researcher Alex Randall told Reuters at the tourist attraction and research center on the southern tip of Snowdonia National Park.

"We can't keep burning fossil fuels."

The authors of CAT's report, Zero Carbon Britain|*, hope to influence policy-makers and spark a wider public debate.
_|*: , which has:
"ZeroCarbonBritain 2030 clearly illustrates how the parallel de-carbonisation and re-vitalisation of the UK economy would work, creating a single document of immediate relevance to policy-makers everywhere."

Under their plans,

*** energy demand would be halved and renewable energy expanded. ***
It generates only six percent of Britain's electricity today.

Wind, wave, solar and other renewable sources would replace coal, gas and nuclear power, while electric cars and more energy-efficient homes would help to cut emissions.

The Labour government and the opposition Conservative Party, ahead in opinion polls before a May 6 election, both support a move to a low carbon economy, but they want to keep nuclear power.

Critics say renewables are too costly, unreliable and unlikely to produce sufficient power.

World leaders are arguing about how deep the emissions cuts will be and who will pay for them. Hopes of a deal were low as U.N. climate talks resumed in Bonn on Friday.


The late ecologist Gerard Morgan-Grenville founded CAT in an old slate quarry near the town of Machynlleth, west Wales, after spending a year studying American hippies.

The center aims to show people how to protect the planet by using less power, cutting pollution and living sustainably.

The once bare quarry is now rich in wildlife. Polecats and dormice live in the woods, while red kites circle overhead. Only the roar of fighter jets on training runs disturbs the calm.

Two water-powered funicular railway carriages take visitors up the hillside from the car park to the center, where displays give tips on everything from composting to green toilets.

CAT, which attracts around 65,000 people a year, is about to open a new education center, with earth walls in the lecture theater, that will offer training and post-graduate courses.

The area's member of parliament Lembit Opik, a Liberal Democrat who rides a Segway electric scooter to meet voters, supports the zero carbon report and says bold action is needed.

"It's doable, it's only a question of political will," he told Reuters. "How brave are we? How much are we as politicians willing to lead opinion rather than follow it?"

(Editing by Janet Lawrence)
© Thomson Reuters 2010

^-=# Britain: 100 percent CO2 emissions cut by 2030, says CAT Wales #=-^

"2012-2013 Europe Green Capital-city Finalists, Down To Six":

Posted by davd at 18:33 NZD
Updated: Saturday, 17 April 2010 12:23 NZD
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