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Wednesday, 21 April 2010
14-Apr to 16-Apr 2010
"Obama Limits U.S. Use Of Nuclear Arms":

"Special Report: Are Regulators Dropping The Ball On Biocrops?": - Carey Gillam; 14-Apr-2010


"Gene Engineered Crops Profit Farmers: Report":
- has:
"'Farmers who have adopted genetically engineered crops have experienced lower costs of production and obtained higher yields in many cases because of more cost-effective weed control and reduced losses from insect pests,' reads the report from the National Research Council panel, [NRC is] one of the independent National Academies of Science that advise the federal government.
- - 'Farmers and their employees not only face reduced exposure to the harsh chemicals found in some herbicides and insecticides used before the introduction of genetically engineered crops but have to spend less time in the field in applying the pesticides.'
- - Ervin said the panel did not address safety or health issues, which were covered in previous reports. 'We attempted to navigate a middle ground on this.'"

"Obama To Propose $6 Billion NASA Budget Increase":
- has:
"$6 billion in new funding over five years to create 2,500 new jobs in Florida with the ultimate goal of going to Mars.
... plans in March to kill the Constellation program [which] was aimed at returning astronauts to the moon in the 2020s to clear the way for a Mars mission.
... Obama wants NASA to begin work on building a new heavy lift rocket sooner than envisioned under the canceled Constellation program, with a commitment to decide in 2015 on the specific rocket that will take astronauts deeper into space."

"Chinese Coal Ship Refloated From Australian Reef":
- has:
"The stranded ship belongs to the Shenzhen Energy Group, a subsidiary of China's state-owned China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, better known by its acronym COSCO.
- - COSCO could face fines and costs of up to A$23 million dollars ($21.3 million) over the incident, according to international maritime law experts, while the vessel's captain could be handed an individual penalty of up to A$250,000.
- - 'Make no mistake, this company will pay a very substantial price for this incident,' Nolan told Australian radio."

"Arctic Oil Drilling Threatens Norway Government Coalition":

"World Marine Debris Totals 10 Mln Pieces In 1-Day Cleanup":

pic: "A male Osprey returns to the female in the nest, who had laid her first egg of the season this morning at the Loch of Lowes Wildlife reserve near Dunkeld, Scotland, April 13, 2010":


"Haiti Able To Hold Poll By Year-End: Bill Clinton": - 15-Apr-2010 - has:
"Haiti would need help ... as it rebuilds after the January 12 earthquake that killed up to 300,000 people and decimated the country's economy and infrastructure.
... The earthquake destroyed the offices of the Electoral Council, members of the U.N. mission working with the commission were killed and election materials were buried. Many of Haiti's government offices were also severely damaged in the earthquake, further slowing recovery efforts.
- - "You've got a massive transient population there, many of whom had a lot of their documents and identity proofs destroyed, so we need a little help putting the elections together, but we will get some experts in there," Clinton said.
- - More than one million people were left homeless after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck the capital Port-au-Prince, and aid groups are racing against a looming hurricane and rainy season to ensure they have adequate shelter."

"NASA Grapples With Space Station Cooling Problem":
- has pic:

"Suntech, Trina-Solar Sign $11.7 Bln Loan Deals":
- has:
"China's top solar power equipment makers Suntech Power Holdings and Trina Solar have signed framework agreements with China Development Bank (CDB), giving them access to a combined 80 billion yuan ($11.72 billion) in loans
... Such deals are unfolding as China aggressively develops its renewable energy sector and as its companies play catch-up with bigger global peers including German solar cell producer Q-Cells AG and Spanish wind farm operator Iberdrola, which have built up solid track records, also with help from more than a decade of government subsidies.
... "As we accelerate global reach to Europe and the U.S. and as we widen our base among top markets, we could use the loan for market expansion," said Wang. "We're looking at projects overseas."
- - He said Trina Solar hoped to boost its share of the solar products market to 9 percent this year, up from 6.2 percent last year, adding, "Next year, we're aiming for a double-digit expansion."
- - Suntech is expanding capacity and lifting sales in the U.S. market, which some analysts say could double in size this year. The company aims to boost its share of the U.S. market to 20 percent in 2010, from about 15 percent last year."

"Greens Launch NAFTA Action On Canada Oil Sands":

pic: "A boat pulls a raft carrying illegally logged timber, which has been confiscated, along the Guamá River in the northeastern state of Para April 14":
- has:
"Brazilian Federal Police, IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment), Instituto _Chico_Mendes_ Biodiversity (ICMBio), Amazon protection system (Sipam) and National Force, - on Monday started an operation called "Delta" to combat the deforestation of the Amazon and the illegal trade in wood."

"Chocolate May Be Good Medicine For end-stage liver-disease Patients":
- has:
".. eating dark chocolate limited the usual after-meal rise in abdominal blood pressure, which can reach dangerous levels in cirrhotic patients ... A study of 21 patients with end-stage liver disease"

"Indonesia To Revise Forest CO2 Revenue Rules: Official":

"South Africa Looks To Sea [for water needs]" worst drought, 150 years": - (desalination), 16-Apr-2010 this year's "South Asia Monsoon Seen as Normal":
- has:
"Monsoon rains in south Asia are expected to be normal this year, helped by weakening El Niño ... India's annual Juneto--September monsoon rains, which delivers 75-90 percent of total rainfall, were the weakest in 37 years in _2009_, ravaging rice and oilseed crops."

"Thousands Need Aid After Deadly Indian Storm Strikes":
- has:
"Hundreds of thousands of people are in need of shelter, food and water after a tropical storm ripped through impoverished villages in eastern India, killing 120 people
... the nor'wester -- a weather pattern that develops in the Bay of Bengal during the summer -- flattened thousands of homes, destroyed crops and killed hundreds of cattle when it struck late Tuesday.
- - Aid agencies and officials are still assessing the damage in the worst-affected states of Bihar and West Bengal, but early indications suggest destruction is widespread and major relief required.
- - "The damage is very enormous and the government is very shocked by a tragedy of such a dimension," said Devesh Chandra Thakur, minister for disaster management for Bihar, where 72 people were confirmed dead.
- - Populations living in the affected areas, bordering Bangladesh, are largely poor *** living on less than a dollar a day, *** - eking out a living as farmers or doing manual work."

"Iceland Volcano: Not Yet A Global Cooling Eruption":
- has:
"volcanic eruption in Iceland is too small so far to slow global warming as happened in 1991 with the explosion of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, experts say.
- - Cataclysmic eruptions, led by Pinatubo and Mount Chichon in Mexico in 1982 in the 20th century, spewed so much debris into the upper atmosphere that they cooled the planet for months, briefly offsetting the effect of industrial heat-trapping gases."

"Icelandic Volcano Eruption Intensifies" (16-Apr-2010):
- pic:

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