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Sunday, 5 September 2010
Christchurch NZ Earthquake News: RadioNZ

Radio New Zealand - Te Reo Irirangi o Aotearoa

05 September, 2010

Radio New Zealand News
Christchurch Earthquake News

Christchurch quake cleanup begins
The mammoth task of assessing every building in Christchurch's earthquake-shattered central business district is underway. A state of emergency remains in place following the magnitude 7.1 earthquake on Saturday.
Earthquake fault located
Geologists have located where the magnitude 7.1 earthquake began in rural Canterbury. No-one knew the fault was there before the quake occurred at a depth of 10km at 4.35am on Saturday.
Cabinet to be briefed on Monday
Prime Minister John Key says Cabinet will be briefed on Monday on the Canterbury earthquake by Civil Defence Minister John Carter.
Aftershocks continue
Christchurch is still being shaken by aftershocks on Sunday.
Kaiapoi cleanup hindered by winds
Strong winds are making the earthquake cleanup in Kaiapoi, north of Christchurch, even more difficult.
Schools to remain closed for two days
All schools in Christchurch, Selwyn district and Kaiapoi are to be closed on Monday and Tuesday, following the major earthquake in the Canterbury region.
Power back for 95% of customers - Orion
Electricity lines company Orion says it has restored power to 95% of its customers after Saturday's earthquake. However, up to a third of residents of Christchurch were still without running water on Sunday.
Staff should not take risks on Monday say Chamber
The Canterbury Chamber of Commerce says employees should put personal safety first before travelling into work on Monday.
Railway repairs needed
KiwiRail says some train tracks running into Christchurch are damaged and it could be several days before they are repaired.
Injured man in critical condition
A man who sustained severe injuries in the earthquake is still in a critical condition in Christchurch hospital. However, several others are in a stable condition.
Supermarkets confident of supply lines
South Island supermarket operator Foodstuffs is confident it can maintain food supplies into Christchurch, following the earthquake on Saturday.
100,000 quake claims expected by EQC
The Earthquake Commission expects to receive at least 100,000 claims as a result of Saturday's earthquake.
Army on standby to assist
The Army remains on standby on Sunday, ready to assist with recovery work after the earthquake in Canterbury.
500+ buildings damaged in quake
Civil Defence estimates that more than 500 buildings in Christchurch sustained damage in Saturday's earthquake.
Prisons being inspected for damage
Structural engineers are to inspect the three prisons in Canterbury for signs of damage after Saturday's quake. Limited damage has been found so far.
Help from farmers
Federated Farmers says the rural community is extending a helping hand to those in need.
Water supplies brought into Christchurch by rail
KiwiRail shipped about 300,000 litres of drinking water into Christchurch overnight.
Port wharves structurally safe
An initial damage assessment of the Port of Lyttelton showed the wharves are structurally safe after Saturday's earthquake. Shipping will continue as usual.
Day of shocks leaves dozens homeless in Christchurch
Dozens of people were homeless in Christchurch on Saturday night and a curfew was in place downtown, after a day of shocks that began when the city was shaken awake by a major earthquake at 4.35am.
Look out for each other now, neighbours urged
Health authorities in Canterbury are calling on neighbours to look out for each other in the aftermath of Saturday's quake.
Railway line to Rangiora out till at least Monday
KiwiRail says it will be Monday at the earliest before the rail track between Christchurch and Rangiora will be open again, but the line south out of the city is now operating.
Cost of earthquake could be $2 billion, says Key
The Prime Minister says initial Treasury modelling has put the cost of the Canterbury earthquake at $2 billion, which is well within the Earthquake Commission's range.
Quake welfare centres ready for overnight influx
The welfare centres set up to support people displaced by Saturday morning's earthquake in Christchurch are preparing for an influx of homeless people on Saturday night.
A truly frightening experience, say Cantabrians
Residents have spoken of their fear as a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Canterbury on Saturday - many saying they had never before felt such a strong quake.
Landline phones working, some mobile disruption
Landline phones in the Christchurch area are working: Telecom says its fixed-line network has been largely unaffected and its lines maintenance company Chorus says backup power is in place.
Aftershocks may continue for weeks
A geologist is warning aftershocks may continue to rattle the Canterbury region for weeks following Saturday's major earthquake.
Quake felt throughout the country
The major quake that struck near Christchurch early on Saturday has been felt widely throughout New Zealand.
All services restored at three prisons
Electricity, water and sewerage services have been restored at Canterbury's three jails.
Both universities closed for a week
Canterbury and Lincoln university campuses and halls of residence will be closed for a week while quake damage is repaired.
Traumatised monkey dies at wildlife park
All dangerous animals are safely enclosed at Orana Wildlife Park but one monkey has died following a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Canterbury on Saturday.
Minor damage to cathedrals
Christchurch's two historic cathedrals appear to have suffered only minor damage as a result of Saturday's earthquake.
Gas supply in working order - Contact
Contact Energy advises people to check that gas pipes are properly connected to their home and that gas bottles are standing upright.

Posted by davd at 17:23 NZD
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