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Friday, 17 September 2010
renewables 73% of NZ's total electricity
This was originally:

renewable generation was 73 percent of New Zealand's total electricity
(electricity emissions drop to their lowest level since 2000)

The June-2010 quarter edition of the NZ Ministry of Economic Development's New Zealand Energy Quarterly is now available [1.3 MB PDF].

Key highlights this quarter include:

  • geothermal generation made up 13 percent of total electricity generation this quarter
  • renewable generation accounted for 73 percent of New Zealand's total electricity generation for the quarter
  • gas displaced coal for electricity generation
  • the highest level on record of sub-bituminous coal production was achieved
  • petrol demand decreased two percent and diesel demand decreased five percent, in line with normal seasonal variations
  • the high level of geothermal electricity generation and a preference for gas over coal in electricity generation saw electricity GHG emissions drop to their lowest level since 2000
  • the residential gas price has decreased six percent over six months due to a big price cut from Genesis.

Posted by davd at 20:10 NZD
Updated: Sunday, 19 September 2010 19:44 NZD
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