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Re: Bank A Year's Savings

>> Dave Ramsey's idea is to try to live debt free - or at least be working
>>toward it. ....
>>the work situation is not very pleasant and you know you CAN just quit ..
>Tracy -- I have to agree with you ... then paid it off in 6.5 years. ... 
>.. have a year's worth in the bank. Thus, I have no anxiety about Jan.'98.
> I just wish I could get to the place where I FELT like I could cut back
>to 4 days a week like they talk about in YMOYL but health insurance
>keeps me locked into full-time work. ...  --Linda

	A major reason I've lived frugally, is to ensure that no-one that I don't
completely trust has power over me.  This includes all my employers.
	So, starting when I was young (in the early '60s), before I had
"encumbrances", I saved enough that when I married (in '68) and we wanted
to buy a house (in '74), we bought a little middle-aged one in a good place
to bring up kids, and paid off the mortgage in 3 years.  We're still in the
similar one we bought in 1980, though it was a tight squeeze when our three
were teen-agers.
	Except for ~5 years in the early-mid '80s, when I stuck at a job I wasn't
happy with in order to (1) support my family (2) ensure that my wife felt
free to leave _her_ biophysics research job anytime, i.e. didn't have to
stick at _it_ to support the family, I've been conscious several times most
years of the fact that I'm free to leave within months.
	This knowledge, available through living frugally, has given me a degree
of freedom that I've valued highly.

David MacClement <>

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