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Re: Bank A Year's Savings

> Perhaps you have children, and this doesn't apply, but I wanted to share
> that I am currently working 4 days per week and receive no employer
> benefits.  Recently, I investigated our state's Blue Cross/Blue Shield
> programs and found that I could get reasonable coverage for $55 per
> Yes, it's a $1,000 deductible (except emergency and women's exams have no
> deductible), but I mainly want it for emergencies...  I focus on
> (like less stress in the work life, and things that insurance won't cover
> anyway, like eating organic and exercise, etc.)...  so I'd rather put the
> money where it works for me.
> Is this a viable option for you?  If not, please explain, because I'm
	Yes this is a viable option for me.  I don't have children -- no one to
insure but myself.  I simply was not aware that one could get insurance
with very high deductibles.  That would cover anything catastrophic which
is all I want from health insurance anyway.  I currently have, thru
employment, a Prudential plan that pays 50% of major medical and a maximum
of $2500 out-of-pocket for catastrophic.  I knew that I could convert that
over for 18 months as someone else on the list mentioned but after 18
months, then what?  Thanks for everyone telling me that high deductible
health insurance is available!!!	
	I would also like to comment on David's post re: "This knowledge, [that 
he can leave his job at any time] available through living frugally, has given
me a degree of freedom that I've valued highly."   Amen!  I don't understand 
why MORE Americans aren't working toward this kind of freedom. 
You hear so much about how they dislike their jobs but feel trapped, blaah
blaah blaah.  Yet, when you look in their driveways at the $30,000
Explorers, ya kinda wonder.  I'm not being judgmental here so, puh-leeze,
no tomatoes!  I'm merely wondering that maybe all the "bad jobs" aren't so
bad.  Or is advertising really that persuasive? 


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