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"The net worth of the 225* richest people in the world now equals the combined income of the poorest 2.6 billion, who comprise 47 percent of the world's population." (UNDP's 1998 Human Development Report)       (* billionaires)

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New Zealand and Australia in the Pacific (cloud maps)

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New Zealand from Space

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia is acknowleged for receiving and processing the images. Permission from the Japanese Meteorological Agency is required and they are to be acknowleged for providing the raw data. (JMA Fax +81 3 3212 2453)

Jeanette Fitzsimons MP is the NZ Greens' Co-Leader; her maiden speech, press releases, etc.

Some New Zealand environmental news (David's choice). [52 kB]

A little humour (?):

Calvin: 'The more you know, the harder it is to take decisive action.'                
Calvin: 'Once you become informed, you start seeing complexities              
and shades of gray.'

Calvin: 'You realize that nothing is as clear and simple as it first appears.
Ultimately, knowledge is paralyzing.'
Calvin: 'Being a man of action, I can't afford to take that risk.'                          

Hobbes: 'You're ignorant, but at least you act on it.'

'"The aliens came, from a far distant world
In a large yellow ship that blinked as it twirled.
It rounded the moon, and entered our sky.
We knew They had come but we didn't know why.

"Bright the next morning, with noisy commotion,
The ship slowly moved out over the ocean.
It lowered a tube and drained the whole sea
For transport back home to their galaxy.

"The tube then sucked up the clouds and the air,
Causing no small amount of Earthling despair.
With nothing to breathe, we started to die.
"Help us! Please stop!" was the public outcry.

"A hatch opened up and the aliens said,
"We're sorry to learn that you soon will be dead.
But though you may find this slightly macabre,
We prefer your extinction to the loss of our job!"'

"Calvin: 'That's my science fiction story. Think it's too far-fetched?'

"Hobbes: 'Not enough, really.'"        --THE DAYS ARE JUST *PACKED*, Bill Watterson

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Some extras:

Ngai Tahu Agreement (NZ) receives Sir Geoffrey's Praise.

Toni Jeffreys PhD: "I fancy that most New Zealanders would walk quietly into the gas chambers on request ..."

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