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97%    David'Site*:- For: environment, reduced consumption, volunta...
Showing my minimum comfortable but ascetic human life, on under US$900 per year! (though not at higher latitudes than 40, nor in continental climates). Similar Pages
92%    David'Site:- For: environment, reduced consumption, voluntar...
Showing my minimum comfortable but ascetic human life, on under US$900 per year! (though not at higher latitudes than 40, nor in continental climates). Similar Pages
73%    Positive Futures thread:- "Enjoying (?) frugality"
Frugal living _can_ be enjoyable rather than drudgery. Similar Pages
72%    Page Title
Frugal Living Tips & Free Sites ere are the links to Frugal living sites... if you see more, please let me know!!!! I am always on the "look out" for more... Similar Pages
70%    Green Party of New York State Home Page
With almost all precincts reporting, the Green Party's candidate for Governor, Al Lewis, had just under 49,000 votes. That is 1,000 votes less than he needed to get the Green Party a line on the ballot for the next four years. Similar Pages
69%    Frugal/Mindful Living Resources
How to live better while consuming less. Similar Pages
69%    Frugal Corner
Frugal Connection - articles on various topics Adbusters Media Foundation - counteracting commercial, consumerist culture Junk Mail FAQ - excellent comprehensive FAQ on practically eliminating junk mail Similar Pages
67%    Genetically Engineered Foods
Genetically Engineered Foods: perhaps mankinds ultimate Pandora's box? Similar Pages
66%    Slate Mountain is Back!
The Bad News is, We've MOVED. The Good News is we've uploaded all our publications to the website -- and it's all free! Our zine the Scavenger has gone online. Similar Pages
66%    Tight-Wadding with Doris O'Connell
Tight-Wadding with: Email: Doris O'Connell . (Updated September 23, 1998.) Welcome! You are visitor # since Dec. 1997. Welcome Tightwads, Tightwad Wannabe's & those of you in the thinking stages of wanting your $'s to go further. Similar Pages
66%    Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society Similar Pages
65%    Renewable Energy Education Module
Welcome to the first version of CREST's online renewable energy education system! Based on an interactive kiosk also developed by CREST, this system uses words and pictures to teach the theoretical and practical basics of renewable energy. Similar Pages
64%    Links SLHR
Simple Living HAMPTON ROADS A Voluntary Simplicity Study Circle for the people of Southeastern Virginia SIMPLE LIVING LINKS Simple Living / Voluntary Simplicity Similar Pages
63%    Terminator Unleashed, "policing the unauthorised use of Amer...
We have at best two years, and at worst six months to safeguard the right of farmers as seed-savers and breeders. October 2: RAFI invites you to join an international e-mail campaign to protest the licensing and commercial development of the Terminator technology. Similar Pages
63%    Re: Bank A Year's Savings
To: <> Subject: Re: Bank A Year's Savings >> Dave Ramsey's idea is to try to live debt free - or at least be working >>toward it. .... >>the work situation is not very pleasant and you know you CAN just quit .. > >Tracy -- I have to agree with you ... then paid it off in 6.5 years. ... >.. have a year's worth in the bank. Similar Pages
62%    Energy and the Environment: Resources for a Networked World
Links and Resources for Energy and the Environment The world is finally becoming globally aware that exponential resource usage in combination with finite reserves is a recipe that ensures our great grandchildren won't be born. Similar Pages
62%    e design Online: Commentary: Jim Minter: Joy Ride to Global ...
Joy Ride to Global Collapse Reflections on Kunstler's Home from Nowhere Posted 5 December 1996Readers' Comments added 27 October 1998 Here's a prediction for you. Similar Pages
61%    Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
NESEA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) membership organization. It was founded in 1974 to foster the use of renewable and sustainable energy, the responsible use of non-renewable forms of energy, and to convey the value of these practices for the preservation of the environment. Similar Pages
61%    Sustainable Energy Limited
Sustainable Energy Ltd. are a consultancy specialising in all aspects of energy management and renewable energy technologies. Similar Pages
61%    Sun@Work on the Web
For over 15 years TFC has been a leading international publishing, communications and consultancy company in the field of renewable energy. Similar Pages
61%    Environmental Energy Technologies Division Web Page
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Environmental Energy Technologies Division Internal Division Administrative Web Resources: (Travel, Information Systems and User Support, etc.) Similar Pages
61%    Biotech Clinician: stock and financial analysis of biotechno...
Analysis of biotechnology and pharmaceutical company investment, finances, research and development, drugs, pipeline and prospects by Family Physicians. Evaluation from practicing physicians medical perspective. Similar Pages
61%    Center for Neighborhood Technology
Founded in 1978, CNT develops creative strategies for making cities and their surrounding areas work for everyone, environmentally and economically. Similar Pages
60%    Delta Greens of Louisiana
Information on Louisiana's Delta Greens. Similar Pages


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