Trying out David's Menu
by Sharon Gordon; 10 November 1999

[pf] … 10 November 1999 16:45 UTC

David has mentioned several times about the food he eats each day. He describes it at:
or if that fails, try:

He's also added cocoa and Vitamin C to it and also occasionally eats apples.
He gets all this for under US$9 per week.

What he eats each day looks like this:

 Menu ingredients:
6 slices multi/white grain bread 
  (equivalent = wheat flour, rye flour, rolled oats, oil, yeast, salt)
4 cups sliced raw cabbage
2 carrots
2 T Butter
2 T Marmite
4/5 c shredded wheat (cereal)
2 T rolled oats
2 cups whole milk
6 T peanuts and/or peanut butter
1 T honey
1 T Plum jam
2 tea bags
8 t cocoa powder
David prefers to spend low amounts of time and energy in preparing the food and eats most of it close to the state it is purchased in. In his page on the web you can see how it is consumed.

I prefer more variety in food and also enjoy the challenge of making interesting food from simple ingredients. In college it was also my job to create a meal on our last night of the week from all the odd bits of extra food from the other meals. So I got lots of experience with combining unexpected things in tasty ways. This skill has come in handy on a couple of frugal/simple lists when people were in a crisis and needed to feed their families from odd combinations of whatever was left in their pantries.

So for awhile what I did was think of ways David's list of foods could be combined in different ways. Whenever one came to mind, I'd jot it down. I asked a few other people and got another dozen ideas. At the moment I think the list is up around 275 different items that can be made from these foods.

Another thing I did was looked at the nutritional aspects of this. From what I can tell from my software which checks the main nutritional items, this combination of foods covers all the bases [for him, a sedentary older male]. At some point I plan to create a spreadsheet with detailed nutritional info and will check the other details then. …

In our area good whole grain bread is very expensive between $4 and $5 a loaf. The bread alone would have more than taken the whole $9 budget, so I decided to make my own as I usually do. One advantage to this is more variety with use of the bread ingredients. I also can't find Marmite here, so I used Vegemite which is similar. David says Marmite has more tang than Vegemite. It also has Vitamin B12, but the milk has that.

So far the least expensive I have found the food is US$16.87 per week around here. It would have been about US$26.42 with bought whole grain bread. I may be able to do a little better in a city about an hour away. I'll check on a future stocking up trip.

It is possible to eat healthy here for $9 a week with different foods. In a few weeks I'm thinking of trying that as an experiment.

Below, I'll give an example of one day's menu. On this particular day, what I did with the bread is make up the whole batch of bread dough and then after the first rise shaped it into the different items. Cocoa powder was also added to one portion.

*********** Menu Example 1 ****************

Multi Grain Bagel with Butter
Iced Plum Tea

Chai Tea

Savory Cream of Carrot Soup in a Bread Bowl
Cabbage and Carrot Salad with Plum Dressing
New Zealand Party Mix

Hot Chocolate/Milk

Stir fried Cabbage and Carrots in Vegemite/Plum Sauce
Multi Grain Roll with Butter
Iced Plum Tea
Honey Chocolate Doughnut Balls
Has anyone else tried out the combination of foods or something similar? I'd be interested in hearing what you would make from this collection of foods.


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