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Welcome jeanettef, to RainForest/Canopy!

You will soon receive an e-mail at to confirm your registration and to give you an initial password. You will need this password to access your account and begin building your home page. It will also include procedures for changing your password (highly recommended), instructions for creating your personal home page and performing other moving-in tasks.

Your new GeoCities email address is Included in your registration letter will be detailed instructions on how to begin using your new GeoCities email account.

On behalf of your new neighbors, we'd like to welcome you by telling you a little about ourselves. The first way to get a feel for the neighborhood is to visit our home page at RainForest.

The next step is to follow the link to a great resource within the neighborhood called Community Leaders. These volunteers are here to assist you with HTML questions, clarify any of our guidelines and to help get you involved in the community. Visit your Community Leaders today at the RainForest Community Leader Page.

One great way to get your home page noticed is by participating in the GeoGuide Banner Exchange, which lets you submit a banner for your site that rotates through the GeoGuides on other homesteaders sites. The GeoGuide is that cool, personalized navigational tool that appears at the top of your page. To customize your GeoGuide or submit a banner to the Banner Exchange, go to the GeoGuide Information pages.

To welcome you to our community, our sponsors would like to present you with a few house-warming gifts. Visit the GeoCities House-Warming at

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Finally, if you ever need help creating your page or finding your way around, just visit the Online Help Guide for answers to all of your questions.

Thanks for joining GeoCities!

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