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"The net worth of the 225* richest people in the world now equals the combined income of the poorest 2.6 billion, who comprise 47 percent of the world's population." (UNDP's 1998 Human Development Report)       (* billionaires)

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Please read the Rachel's Weekly: #582: (22 Jan.'98): "One Fundamental Problem" { the corporation }

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Read a real expert's view of the future (Donella Meadows)

Here Donella contrasts economic and planetary imperatives.

 Observer article

Tom Athanasiou's Observer article
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How people like me view the work world.

An article on the Environmental Backlash

references, REFERENCES; incl. Paul Ehrlich, Herman Daly and many others.

The Noam Chomsky Archive (on ZNet).

Keith Rankin's Rankin File and Short Items, often on recent events in N.Z.

the APEC summit (Clinton, Jiang Zemin etc.)in Auckland has opponents.

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